Humboldt Transit Authority

Regional Passes

$10 and $20 Regional Passes will take you on all HTA systems: Southern Humboldt, Redwood Transit, Eureka Transit, Arcata Transit, and Willow Creek at a discounted rate.

Your magnetic pass can be used on any system at any time. Just swipe the card when you board the bus and it will deduct the correct discounted rate for that system. Let the driver know if you are entitled to a reduced fare before you board.


The Humboldt Transit Authority (HTA) was established in 1975 under a joint-powers agreement between the cities of Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, Rio Dell and Trinidad and the County of Humboldt. HTA is headquartered in the county seat of Eureka and is governed by a seven member Board of Directors comprised of one representative from each of the five incorporated Cities and two representatives from the County of Humboldt. The Authority is administered by the General Manager, Greg Pratt, and is supported by office staff.